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How and why using the 3D architectural visualizations?

Architectural contest

At the time of an architectural contest presentation, most of the architects, and especially the ones who do a lot of contests, know that the presentation plays a capital role. And 3D visualization is a key element. However, the quality of presented images will not be the same of all of them.
Mark down: a photorealist visualization including all the details, from where you can distinguish materials and one can make himself a clear idea of the environement integration offers an incomparable boost.


Materials / interior design

Offer choices to your customers and make easier the decision taking process. It will be easier to perceive the final result seeing materials directly applied on the project. Thanks to the incredible realism of our textures, the virtual representation will look just the same as the finished project.

Natural and artificial lighting

Thanks to the precision of the software we use, it is possible to simulate the exact natural lighting of your project, at every moment of the year, and that, from its north orientation and its geographical positioning (GPS). It is the same for the artificial lighting: you can verify your play of light, colors and ambiances, animate your lighting transitions.

Landscape design

Our large vegetation library allow you to present your project with color and variety rich gardens. Each terrain is specialy created to adapt your project in its environement, natural or artificial. Give free reign to your imagination...

Realistic-design's photorealist 3D visualizations make your project remarquable.

The Realistic-design team