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3D Virtual Visit Real time

Experience a new level of interactivity in your presentations, you are the one who make the visit, you are the one who have the control.

With realtime virtual visit, you can move everywhere like in videogames.


You can use a screen capture software to make videos out of it, again and again.


Download the demo

Minimal configuration

  • Intel 1.8Ghz Core2duo or equivalent AMD
  • 2Go of Ram
  • Geforce Serie 8 or AMD/ATI radeon 4000 serie with 512mo
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7

Recommendend configuration

  • Intel 2.4Ghz Core2duo or equivalent AMD
  • 3Go of Ram
  • Geforce Serie 9 or AMD/ATI radeon 5000 serie with 1Go
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7


Download, unzip, run the executable, follow on-screen instructions.